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Written translation

The Gold Stream company specializes in professional translation of wide range of documents and texts of any complexity. Our main fields of expertise are as follows. (More detailed information you can get from our Customer Service department. İnformation related to translation or localization of websites, games, programs, etc. can be found in Localization and Transcription section in the main menu.)

You can get detailed information about prices in the Prices and payment methods section.

Translation of personal documents

The identity card, passport (international), military ID, birth certificate, marriage certificate, other certificates, certificate about secondary education, the bachelor's degree diploma and its addendum, master's degree diploma and its addendum, other diplomas, health certificate, other references, powers of attorney and other documents...

Translation of business documents

Contracts, agreements, transactions, business plans, etc.

Translation of literary works

Stories, narratives, novels, essays, etc.

Translation of academic texts

Papers, term papers, graduation theses, dissertations, scientific works, articles, etc.

Technical translation

Instructions, technical guidelines, brochures, manuals, guides to rules of use, etc.

Page-by-page translation of texts on any subject.

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