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Torah translated into Azerbaijani language for the first time

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The leading research worker at the Institute of Oriental Studies of ANAS (Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences), Doctor of Philosophy in Philology, Associate Professor Teymur Sadigov translated the Torah into the Azerbaijani language for the first time.


The foreword to the book was written by a teacher at the Faculty of Oriental Studies of the BSU, professor Nasrulla Mammadov and the late academician Vasim Mammadaliyev. The consultant of the new publication is the rabbi of the religious community of Mountain Jews of Azerbaijan Avraam Yakubov, the reviewer is the teacher of the Faculty of Oriental Studies of the BSU Gulnara Abdullaeva, the editor is Professor Nasrulla Mammadov.

The book was published according to the decision of the Scientific Council of the Institute of Oriental Studies. The translation of the Holy Torah has been started by the interpreter since 2014 and completed in 2019. Despite many difficulties during translation, Teymur Sadigov's perfect knowledge of Hebrew, Turkish, English, Arabic and Russian enabled him to address these problems by referring to Jewish interpretations, commentaries, and other works related to this topic.

Although the Torah has been translated into many languages of the world, up to this day, there have not been any translations of the book into the Azerbaijani language. 




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