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Localization and Transcription services

The Gold Stream Company offers high-quality localization and transcription services in Azerbaijan. Our professional translators and transcribers are ready to perform localization of any type of web or software project as well as transcribe audio or video files of any complexity.

For detailed information on prices, please visit our Prices and payment methods section.

Translation of websites (Localization)

Business card and corporate websites, online stores, web catalogs, CMS (admin panels), their components, modules, plug-ins, widgets and others web products...

Transcription and/or Translation of Audio Recordings

All kinds of audio- recordings, clips, music, interviews, TV programs, podcasts, shows, reports, journalistic stories, conferences, seminars, trainings, etc.

Transcription and/or Translation of Videos and Films

All kinds of videos, cinema and documentaries, shows, video- clips, interviews, programs, reports, journalistic stories, conferences, seminars, trainings, etc.

Translation of games (Localization)

Localization of online games, computer games, games for smartphones, console games, etc.

Translation of software (Localization)

Computer programs, applications for smartphones on Android and iOS, operating systems, design and other types of programs.

Translation of other types of systems and equipment (Localization)

Please take into account that the list given above might not be full. We are ready to consider your offers. For this purpose you can contact our customer service.


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