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In order to place an order for translation or other services, you can use one of the following methods:

  • Call one of our Hotline numbers
  • Write us an email
  • Contact our staff by clicking on the "Online Consultant" button constantly visible in the lower left corner of our website
  • Fill out the form in the Contact Us section by selecting "Order" in the "Subject" drop-down list, and click the "Send" button.

If the execution term and price of an order suits you, choose a convenient payment method and make a payment.

You can pay for your orders by transferring the required amount to our bank account or via an Internet Banking service. In addition, you can make payments online from the comfort of your home with a debit or credit card or electronic payment systems. You can get more information about all of our existing payment options in the Prices and payment methods section.

All orders must be paid in advance. Only customers who have already concluded a contract with us can pay their debts after provision of a service, in accordance with the terms of the contract.

A Standard page is a text on a general subject within a page of a Microsoft Word program document that contains 300 words. Along with this, some translation services (for example, personal documents) are provided at standard prices. For more information, please see our Prices and payment methods section.

Delivery time is determined based on specific criteria established by our company. Here are some of them: word count, subject, the amount of jargon and technical words, and text structure. Some orders can be executed within days or even hours. For example, documents such as a passport, certificate, and other personal documents require less editing time than professional or scholarly documents.

If a potential order exceeds 100 pages (30000 words), we can do a test translation within 1 Standard page.

We offer some discounts and benefits to our loyal customers.

No. In order to ensure transparency of operations and the integrity of the Gold Stream Company, we accept only non-cash payments (wire transfers, online payments). For more information on available payment options, please see our Prices and payment methods section.

Təcrübə göstərir ki, təhsil ilə bağlı təqaüdü qazanmaq üçün əsas amillər aşağıdakılardır:

  • Məktəb və ya universitet qiymətləri üzrə orta bal (GPA)
  • Xarici dil üzrə bilik səviyyəsi, beynəlxalq test imtahanlarının nəticələri
  • Motivasiya məktubu və müəllimlər tərəfindən yazılmış tövsiyə məktubları

Proqramlar/universitetlər ərizəçiləri özlərinin müəyyən etdikləri meyarlara və dəyərlərə görə seçirlər. Məsələn, bir universitet üçün ərizəçinin dili bilmək qabiliyyəti onun qiymətlərindən daha çox vacib ola bilər və ya əksinə. Bu baxımdan, müvəfəqiyyət qazanmağının ümumi düsturü yoxdur, lakin proqramı/universiteti öz bilik səviyyənizə və qabiliyyətlərinizə uyğun seçməyiniz sizin şanslarınızı kifayət qədər artıra bilər.

If you have forgotten your username or password, you can begin the process of automatic restoration by clicking the link "Forgot your username?" and "Forgot password?" located in the bottom of the login panel. Username / Password will be sent to the email address provided during registration.

If this method didn’t help you regain control over your account, contact us via the Contact Us section and describe your problem in detail. Our staff will immediately block your account and will contact you as soon as possible.

Contact us as soon as possible through the Contact Us section and describe the problem in detail. To do this, please select the "Technical issues" option in the "Subject" drop-down list. If you add a screenshot of a problem as an attachment to your letter, that would be greatly appreciated.

Or you can write an email directly to the following email address, which belongs to the website administrator:

Perhaps your profile in Yahoo has not been activated yet. To activate your profile, first log in on the Yahoo website and click on the link "More" in the upper right corner. On the next page there will be displayed all services provided by Yahoo in alphabetical order. Of these, select the "Profile" and on the next page you'll be asked to activate your profile.

Or authorize in your Yahoo account in advance, and activate your profile by clicking on the following link:

After performing one of these actions you will be able to authorize on our or other websites via your Yahoo account.

The Gold Stream Company is an e-commerce company and operates its business over the Internet.